The Headache Buster

Teachers often send students to the school clinic with headache complaints. Once we determine there is nothing else physically wrong, we employ a simple breathing technique that Dr. Hillman introduced to us.

The child stands erect, shoulders straight, against a door or wall and then begins a series of deep breathing exercises -- the headache will usually disappear within two to five minutes. Smiles replace frowns, the headache is conquered and the student returns to the classroom more quickly than with conventional methods. This technique for relieving stress headaches is successful about three out of five times.

One of the best things about this technique is the ease of handling a daily problem. Less time for children spent in the clinic means less time for us to continue monitoring them. This helps us prevent an overflow of students in the clinic with various ailments. It is very rewarding to help a child feel better instantly instead of letting the child lay down for a long period of time with his/her head pounding in pain. Many times we cannot give the child instant relief -- to be able to relieve the child of a headache is rewarding for us. The visit to the clinic is a positive experience for all of us. Deep breathing relieves the stress that the child may unknowingly be experiencing. It also gives me a good feeling of helping someone feel better than the helpless one of not being able to assist someone in pain. Consequently, we gain a sense of self-control over the headache predicament.

Thank you for this alternative approach to a daily problem.

Peggy Sartain
Black Fox Elementary
Educational Assistant

P.S. It also works with adults!!!